Charlotte Artisanal: Crepes, Macarons and Other European Eats

The namesake for Charlotte Artisanal, young Charlotte, speaks three languages: French, Spanish, and English. That’s because she has lived all over the world with her parents, whose global travels inspired them to open this creperie, bistro, and cafe.

Much like fun-loving Charlotte, the menu is creative and playful. It offers everything from hot crepes filled with gooey Nutella, berries, and bananas to Australian ribeye steak paired with fresh greens and golden potatoes. The eatery might be best known for its desserts, including classic French macarons, cookies filled with chocolate ganache, and dulce de leche cookies. The cupcakes come flecked with fresh berries, resulting in a treat that’s equal parts natural and decadent, and the tiramisu is infused with gourmet espresso, dusted with powdered cocoa, and topped with a drizzle of chocolate sauce.