Find a Farm-Fresh Brunch at Founding Farmers Tysons

Founding Farmers Tysons takes its inspiration straight from the farm. This cozy but modern restaurant is modeled after a Virginia farmhouse, and they serve some of the freshest seasonal items straight from Virginia farms.

Sustainability is key, and you can see that objective in their menu. Choose from sandwiches and burgers served on house made bread, pastas made from scratch, and entrees accompanied by a healthy serving of vegetables. The full bar features an exclusive, Virginia-brewed craft beer on tap that you will only find at Founding Farmers, and for breakfast and brunch, they serve delicious meals. Monday through Friday you’ll find grab-and-go food, and for brunch, you can enjoy a leisurely meal in the sun room featuring everything from blueberry pancakes to picnic fried chicken along with premium coffee and tea, cold pressed juices, or classic breakfast cocktails.