Get Lean and Toned at Pure Barre

Pure Barre offers a pretty great discount to new members: a full month of unlimited classes for just $99. While many Yelp reviewers admit that this deal is what initially drew them to try this popular McLean fitness studio, they also say that what keeps them coming back is the friendly and supportive atmosphere in just about every class.

If you show up at the early bird 6 a.m. session, you’ll find yourself sweating alongside other early risers as you all get your hearts pumping for the day. If you need a class that fits neatly into your lunch break, try the 55-minute midday class where you’ll join other professionals for a quick workout before heading back to the office. And if you’re looking for an evening session that allows you to squeeze in a workout before bed, there are several late evening options that might work well for you.