Try the Red Bean Doughnuts at Shilla Bakery

Green tea pound cake. Red bean doughnuts. Melon bread. These aren’t the sweet treats you’ll find at an average bakery in Tysons Corner, which is what makes Shilla Bakery so special. The unique eatery offers a mix of Korean and European desserts, many of them unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere.

Where else can you dig into Oreo bingsoo (shaved iced) with actual chunks of cookies, Oreo ice cream, marshmallows, and chocolate syrup on top? Is there anywhere else in town where you can try green tea mousse, a rainbow roll that’s actually a cake, or shrimp “pizza” on a crusty baguette? From sweets to savories, Shilla Bakery delights and surprises its customers at every turn. Come to the bakery to sit down for a quick meal or pick up a few treats to take home.