Build a Healthy Meal at Mixing Bowl

In a hectic world, there’s no time to slow down for lunch. Mixing Bowl ensures that everyone can grab a healthy meal without missing a beat. So skip the typical fast food restaurant and come to Mixing Bowl to build your own burrito, tacos, lettuce wrap, banh mi sandwich, or bibimbap rice bowl.

Once you select a base, pick a protein. Mixing Bowl only serves antibiotic-free meats, so whether you choose spicy pork, chicken, or beef, the meat is high-quality. You can also opt for tofu or a fried egg instead. Next, pile on the veggies. From classics like carrots and broccoli to unexpected options such as kimchi and roasted seaweed, the list is extensive. Finally, dress the entire dish in a sauce such as the cucumber-wasabi or soy sesame ginger, and you’re ready to dig into your meal.

Public Domain/Pixabay/dolvita108