Trouble Sleeping? Check Out Body & Brain Yoga

Experience physical and emotional balance at Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi. This exercise studio aims at helping individuals get better rest, cope with stress more effectively, and provide a calm and focused exercise.

Body & Brain helps numerous students find their inner energy and encourages breath and intention throughout each exercise. The driving factors behind this national leader in holistic health and wellness are a healthy body, a happy heart, and a powerful brain. Classes combine yoga, tai chi, detox, meditation, and rhythmic movement with East Asian energy and healing philosophies. Open your mind and heart to inner healing and experience serenity, peace, and stability under the leadership of experts. Each hour-long class is adaptable to students of all practice levels, and vary throughout the week. Basic courses include deep meridian stretching, core strengthening, and meditation, and finish with a refreshing cool-down and tea time.

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