Sweat Off Extra Calories at Vortex Cycle

If you struggle to stay engaged during a cardio workout, a single sweat session at Vortex Cycle should change that. It's nearly impossible to check out once you sit down on your bike for class. The instructor turns the lights down low, cranks the music way up, and guides you through a challenging routine that leaves no time for a wandering mind.

Vortex Cycle offers two types of spin classes: VRTX45 and Vorticity. VRTX45 should be your first stop if you've never been to spin before or are new to this specific studio. The 45-minute class will help you get acquainted with the bike and the setup of class as you crush your individual goals. At a Vorticity class, students are divided into teams. You "compete" against the other teams via community statistics, which reflect how hard you're riding. Your bike will also show your individual stats, but those can be shared at your own discretion.