Design Your Own Iced Beverage at Teas’n You Fusion Tea House

Creativity and colorful ingredients are a given in whatever you order Teas’n You Fusion Tea House, whether it's a frosty glass of their specialty iced teas or freshly crafted French macaron. Guests are invited to design their own iced tea drinks, starting with their chosen tea base. Then add extras like white or black boba pearls, grass or coffee jelly, or sea salt cream and pick a sweetness level, from unsweetened to extra sweet.

If you don't want to pick and choose every element in your drink, order one of the pre-designed "Special-Teas," like the popular Sea Salt Jasmine Tea. Its foundation of jasmine green tea comes capped with a layer of sea salt cream. The Fusion Fruit Tea is another favorite, a plenty of strawberry passionfruit tea, lychee and lychee jelly, and fresh strawberries. Complement your tea with something salty, like the garlic-truffle fries, or a colorful macaron encrusted with Fruity Pebbles.