“Raid Your Cellar” and Come to Clarity for a Special Tasting Dinner

If you're looking for a special spot to host a large dinner party, Clarity in Vienna should be a top contender. Chef Jonathan Krinn helms the kitchen and has earned a reputation for crafting customized multi-course tasting menus for special events. For instance, arrange a "Raid Your Cellar" dinner for 8 to 12 friends to experience his prowess in the kitchen.

To create the perfect menu for these dinners, Chef John first has you and your friends send him a list of your favorite wines, any that you intend to bring along to the dinner. Then he uses this information to shape a tasting menu that perfectly complements each of the wines. When you arrive, grab a seat and pour the first bottle of vino—no corkage fee necessary. Then enjoy the rest of the meal, uncorking a new bottle to share during each course.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Timbigger