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Spin Your Way to a Stronger Body at Cycle Chi

If you've ever left a spin class wondering how many calories you burned, you'll appreciate the high-tech tracking system at Cycle Chi. The spin studio uses a program called FitMetrix to measure your calories burned, heart rate, RPM, and raw power during each class. Then it automatically sends you an…

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Stock Up on Local, Seasonal Food at the City of Falls Church Farmers Market

No matter the time of year, the City of Falls Church Farmers Market draws at least 40 local vendors in the form of farmers and food artisans to the City Hall parking lot every Saturday morning. In the warmer months, however, that number usually jumps up to more than 50….

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Solidcore Tysons Revamps Your Standard Pilates for a Grueling Workout

If you're looking for a way to spice up your fitness routine without wreaking havoc on your muscles, Solidcore Tysons has it. The studio offers a juiced-up version of Pilates performed atop Sweatlana, a revamped version of the Pilates Reformer. Sweatlana provides the proper resistance so that you can move…

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