Savor an Authentic French Crepe at Charlotte Artisanal

The owners of Charlotte Artisanal had been in the restaurant business for nearly a decade in the resort towns of Mexico before branching out in Maryland. They ran Le Bistro and La Fournee in Tulum for eight years before they decided they were ready to embark on a new culinary adventure. Charlotte Artisanal represents that adventure, a French creperie named for their spirited daughter.

The menu contains a mix of sweet and savory crepes, along with loaded waffles and gourmet coffee. If you’re craving something sweet, order a crepe stuffed with cream cheese and fresh strawberries or Nutella and slices of banana. When you’re looking for a savory meal, try a crepe filled with ham and brie or smoked turkey breast and cheese. You can also opt for a fluffy waffle smothered with fresh fruit and a cappuccino or latte on the side.

Public Domain/Pixabay/RitaE