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Start Your Day With Coffee and Doughnuts at Post Coffee Bar

Coffee and donuts are a classic pair, but if you’ve never been to Post Coffee Bar on the plaza level in the VITA, you might not know just how good that combo can get. This boutique cafe features top-notch coffee and espresso drinks roasted by local Vigilante Coffee Company, accompanied by doughnuts…

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Find Your Flow at Roots Yoga

Roots Yoga gets its name from the root chakra, the grounding force for survival and security in times of stress. What better time of year to start a yoga practice than this stressful holiday season? You deserve to carve out a bit of time for yourself, and a session at…

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Customize a Sushi Burrito at Pokéworks

If you’re a fan of sushi, you’ll also appreciate the freshly caught fare at Pokéworks. The chef gleans inspiration from the shores of Hawaii, where poke bowls originated. They traditionally feature fresh tuna, mounds of rice, and a handful of classic toppings, but Pokéworks lets you fix up your bowl…

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