Customize a Sushi Burrito at Pokéworks

If you’re a fan of sushi, you’ll also appreciate the freshly caught fare at Pokéworks. The chef gleans inspiration from the shores of Hawaii, where poke bowls originated. They traditionally feature fresh tuna, mounds of rice, and a handful of classic toppings, but Pokéworks lets you fix up your bowl however you want.

In fact, you can opt to skip the bowl entirely and try a sushi burrito instead, which replaces the bed of rice or greens with a wrap. Either way, you have the same options when it comes to customizing your dish. Pick a protein such as ahi or albacore tuna, tofu, or salmon, and then add mix-ins like diced mango or seaweed. Choose toppings, a sauce, and a crunchy final layer to cap off your bowl or burrito. If you don’t feel like designing your own meal, order one of Pokéworks’ signature creations, which are already built using the gourmet ingredients.