Find Your Flow at Roots Yoga

Roots Yoga gets its name from the root chakra, the grounding force for survival and security in times of stress. What better time of year to start a yoga practice than this stressful holiday season? You deserve to carve out a bit of time for yourself, and a session at Roots Yoga is a restorative and calming place to practice a bit of self-care.

Roots Yoga offers a range of yoga styles for everyone from beginners and those in need of a slow flow class to more advanced yogis who are looking for a challenge. Roots Yoga will even come to you with their Roots on the Road private or corporate custom sessions. Even in this busy month, there are plenty of workshops and special events planned, like their Holiday Kids Yoga and Mindfulness or Get Clear in the New Year classes. Roots Yoga offers drop-in rates, class packs, and monthly memberships, as well as a sizable discount for students, instructors, and school teachers. Be sure to visit their website prior to coming to your first class, as all new and returning students must sign up online to reserve their space.