Build a Strong, Healthy Body at Solidcore Tysons

If what you want from your workout is a challenge, then Solidcore Tysons might be just what you’re looking for. Lots of people call it the hardest workout of their lives, but perhaps the most impressive part is that those same reviewers can’t wait to go back for their next session.

That loyalty might be because this fitness studio has combined some of the most satisfying and enjoyable aspects of different workout styles: low-impact movements from pilates, resistance work from weight training, and the energy and music from aerobics or spinning. The studio itself is clean and inviting, with cool blue lighting and inspirational messages stenciled on to the walls. A single class session starts at $27 for off-peak hours, but new students can get a package of two for $39, and unlimited monthly passes can save you 20% off the retail price. Check the website for class pricing and schedules.