Enjoy a Sweet or Savory Crepe at Charlotte Artisanal

A married duo who once owned a restaurant and a bakery in a Mexican resort town bring their culinary talents to Tysons at Charlotte Artisanal. It’s named for the couple’s daughter Charlotte, who inspires their whimsical menu of crepes and waffles with her bright and playful personality.

Come to Charlotte Artisanal for lunch or dinner to devour one of the specialty creations. The menu contains both sweet and savory crepes, from the crepe filled with Nutella and sliced strawberries to a pastry stuffed with ham and brie cheese. The kitchen team also crafts artisan waffles embellished with equally indulgent toppings. Try the waffle topped with fresh jam, Nutella and sweet shredded coconut, or slices of fresh banana. You can always add extras like whipped cream, walnuts, or even dulce de leche.