Mix Up Your Fitness Routine at The Pilates Room

Hitting the treadmill day after day is a recipe for a workout rut. The Pilates Room fends off fitness boredom with its large itinerary of diverse classes. The instructors’ main focus is Pilates, but they also offer yoga and aerial yoga, dance, cardio, and Gyrotonic Method classes. Even within the realm of Pilates, they keep sessions fresh by using different pieces of equipment all the time.

If you want to build longer, stronger muscles, check out one of the classic small-group Pilates classes. Your experience teacher will show you how to use the Pilates Reformer, Chair, or Tower. When you’re craving a faster-paced workout, opt for a dance or cardio session instead. If you’re looking to try something totally new, the aerial yoga sessions promise just that. They enlist fabric hammocks hanging from the ceiling, which support you as you move through otherwise inaccessible poses.