Spend a Sunny Summer Day at Tysons Biergarten

Almost everyone enjoys a frosty brewskie while basking in the sun during a leisurely afternoon. Why wait for a concert or street fair to do so when Tysons Biergarten is open year-round near your apartment? Pouring from a list of hundreds of craft beers, serving a menu of authentic German foods, and hosting live musical performances seven days a week, Tysons Biergarten is the place to be this summer.

Regulars recommend showing up early to take advantage of the happy hour specials (starting at 3 pm) and to beat the crowds. It’s an easy walk from the heart of Tysons and is just a few steps from the Greensboro Metro station, but if you have friends who are driving in, there is also parking validation for the garage next door. If this is your first visit to Tysons, a quick heads-up on how payment works: taking a cue from Bavarian bierhalls, the staff here sells different colored tokens (red for food, white for liquor, blue for beer or wine) that you simply exchange for whatever you order.