Pore Over the Seasonal, Locally Inspired Menu at Founding Farmers in Tysons

If you’ve never been to a Founding Farmers location before, you’re in for a treat. This chain started in Washington DC and has since expanded to include a location in Tysons with the same goal: to support the hard-working farmers of America. Each location strives to provide local, sustainably sourced ingredients whenever possible, and it is uniquely owned by thousands of farmers who own a share of the company. Similar to this concept, the decor that you see in each location is also crafted by local artists, which is noted with a small plaque by the work where you can read more about them. It’s a truly unique concept that really makes you feel at home the moment you walk in the door. 

As you can imagine, the food is great! They serve everything from breakfast to dinner, with options like grab-and-go breakfast which you can take on the run with you. Check out their menus online, and grab a bite there soon to support local all while having a fantastic meal.