Now Open Near Vita Tysons Corner: ShinSeKai!

If your only familiarity with ramen noodles comes from grocery store instant noodles, you are missing out. Instead, get yourself over to ShinSekAi Ramen in Vienna to see, taste, and smell the real deal. When this shop opened in early 2019, it caused a local sensation because chefs Jin and Hideyoshi Ohta serve the chicken soup broth that’s traditional in their hometown of Asahikawa (simmered for two full days, its flavor is much richer and deeper than the tonkotsu pork broth served in most American ramen shops). Add your choice of veggies and protein and you’ve got a tasty, satisfying meal.

Prefer something other than noodles? No problem. Other popular menu items include unique dishes like octopus street tacos and steamed avocado buns, as well as classic options like poke bowls and bento boxes. There’s also a full sushi and izakaya menu to explore. Eat up!