The New, Flagship Location of Whole Foods Is Just a Stone’s Throw From Vita Tysons Corner

If you’re a Whole Foods aficionado, you know how lucky we are to have the new Mid-Atlantic flagship location right in our backyard in Tysons Corner. If you haven’t been to the new store, which debuted last October, you may be asking why this location is special. To start, it’s 70,000 square feet and hosts its very own food hall, a bar, a game room and of course, the grocery store itself!

To start: he food hall. There are four different restaurants: one is Italian and created by a Michelin-star chef, plus a fresh sushi restaurant, an oyster bar, and last but certainly not least, a creative doughnut shop! Next, the prepared food options. If you’re not interested in cooking, this is the section you need to head for. You can grab a bowl of what seems like homemade cuisine (but even tastier) for any meal of the day. You’ll find a barbecue bar, pizza bar, Indian bar, and so much more.

In summary, there is so much more at this new Whole Foods than just a grocery store, so go check it out!