Stop and Smell the Roses at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

Flowers are in bloom, trees are gorgeously green, and the tiny living creatures at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens are ready to say hello. This local site is a wonderful place to celebrate the peak of the summer season. For a low-ticket price of $3 for kids and seniors or $6 for adults, you can spend the day the discovering the splendors of a Korean Bell Garden, or simply gazing at the rolling Piedmont Hills. There is also a restored 18th-century log cabin, children’s garden, and lots of other pockets of outdoor serenity to find on each visit. Plus, much of the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens are outdoors, so you can enjoy the fresh air and still maintain a safe social distance while you enjoy the grounds. 

Hours of admission are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. through August, and the picnic shelters and gazebos are now open. If Meadowlark Botanical Gardens seems like a place that you could spend a lot of time this year, consider a single or family annual pass for membership perks and more.