Now Open Near Vita Tysons Corner: Doughnuttery

Wildly popular NY doughnut shop Doughnuttery has a new location in Tysons Corner Center, and their bite-sized wonders will convert you into a flavored-sugar connoisseur. The distinguishing feature of Doughnuttery treats are their proprietary sugar blends that hold all the flavor for each variety. Cocoa, herbs, coffee, and flowers are ground down and infused into the sugars for a subtle sweetness.  Choose from house favorites like coco mint pattie, purple pig (with bacon!), or flower power, along with seasonal flavors and experimental combinations. Chai me to the moon has interesting notes of tea and spice, and the spicy rooster has Sriracha blended with maple and lime to wake up your taste buds.  

Doughnut purists still have the old-fashioned favorites like cinnamon sugar or chocolate glaze with sprinkles, but the confections at Doughnuttery are two-bite indulgences. You can get a standby, along with green tea buzz, rosemary road, or house of cardamom to mix it up. Find the Doughnuttery kiosk next to GNC in the mall.