Eat Well for a Good Cause at Lost Dog Café

You can stare into that half-empty refrigerator all you want. You’re not going to be able to whip up anything as satisfying as the food at Lost Dog Café. This McLean favorite is a short 11-minute drive from Vita Tysons Corner, and offers great food for a great purpose. The café gets its name from employees at the original shop in Arlington taking calls for lost dogs who needed a home (in between food orders). That drive to help pups in need continues today with all of the locations still caring deeply for rescued animals. 

And as noble as that endeavor is, the food and drink at Lost Dog Café are even better. Choose from gourmet sandwiches and pizza, pastas, and soups, plus incredible milkshakes, floats, and desserts. The menu basically has everything you love, and then some. Help support this deserving local business with your patronage today. One taste of the chicken corn chowder, homemade lasagna, or peanut butter pie, and you won’t regret it.