Delicious Meets Nutritious at South Block

The holidays often mean a little over-indulgence. The calorie-laden dinners, buttery desserts, and sugary cocktails can really start to add up. When you’re ready to give yourself a break, think South Block. This café has the bowls, smoothies, and juices to make you feel lighter and energized this season. And just because it’s good for you doesn’t mean it won’t taste good. South Block has delicious blends of superfood ingredients that will satisfy your sweet tooth, crunch cravings, and more. 

Try an acai bowl mounded with coconut, granola, seeds, and nut butter. Or how about a classic smoothie with guava, mangos, and bananas? The fresh fruit selection at the grocery store is less than optimal this time of year, so a South Block smoothie will certainly pack a vitamin-filled punch. South Block also offers bowl kits in easy take-out packaging for you to stock your refrigerator (no blender required). Those sure will be helpful to have on hand this holiday. 

The nearest South Block is located in Vienna, about a 7 minute drive away from Tysons. Make a trip this week!