Order Takeout Tonight From Chi Mc Korean Fried Chicken

The most important aspect of any type of fried chicken is the crispy outer layer. If it’s soft or soggy, the crunch of the chicken is compromised. The staff at Chi Mc Korean Fried Chicken knows this, so when they opened up recently during a time of takeout-only, they knew they’d have to get creative. They opted to use a special type of packaging to keep their Korean fried chicken perfectly crispy—and customers say it’s working.

Place your order online for delivery, takeout, or curbside pickup—Chi Mc Korean Fried Chicken also has some outdoor seating if you want to enjoy your meal there. Then decide how many wings, drumsticks, or tenders you want. The next part is the most challenging: selecting a sauce. The eatery makes it a little easier by offering a half-and-half option if you can’t choose between the soy-garlic or signature spicy sauces.