There’s More Than Meets the Eye at Foxstone Park and Bridge

To all of you true crime aficionados out there – you can watch all the Dateline you want, but did you know that a real-life tail of espionage unfolded just 10 minutes away in Vienna? That’s where you’ll find Foxstone Park and Bridge, known both as a beautiful place to spend the day and as the site of FBI Agent Robert Philip Hanssen’s ultimate betrayal. The tiny red bridge at the end of the park was the place where Hanssen hid documents and discs for the Soviet Government in exchange for cash and diamonds. Intrigued? To see this small footbridge, you’d never imagine its scandalous purpose.

When you’re looking for an outdoor area to visit this weekend to enjoy the warmer weather, take the quick drive up to Vienna and inspect the area for yourself. The surrounding park features a pretty stream and plenty of wooded green space for a leisurely walk or picnic. Read up on the history of this interesting site, and make a visit soon!