Nutritious Meets Delicious at Urban Plates

You know what you want to eat, but it’s definitely not prepared and in your refrigerator right now. For good food fast, head the Urban Plates in the Galleria at Tysons II. There you’ll find the sandwiches, salads, and bowls you’re craving, each loaded with fresh produce, natural meats, and plenty of flavorful extras. The best part? Urban Plates features a $10 meal menu so that you can fill up, feel good, and spend a whole lot less than you’d expect for such delicious, hand-crafted food. 

Try a chimichurri chicken plate with organic quinoa and sesame broccolini, curry tofu bowl with steamed rice, or grilled portobello sandwich piled high with roasted peppers and pesto goat cheese. Beyond the $10 menu, Urban Plates has even more options for vegetarians and vegans, plus meatier choices that also pack a veggie punch. Check out their family meals for busy weeks, or give back with their nourishing heroes program to feed a local healthcare worker (Urban Plates will match your donation).

Once Urban Plates becomes your favorite restaurant, download their new app for even quicker service and the ability to preorder and pay on the go.