Shop Nostalgic Sweets and More at Lolli and Pops

Calling all sweets lovers, this one’s for you! Lolli and Pops is a quintessential sweets shop that will satisfy any sweet tooth craving. There aren’t enough candy shops around in this day and age, so when you find a good one like this, you’re going to be hooked.

You’ll find traditional favorites like fudge, gummies, lollipops, chocolates, and more. But their true specialty is the extra fun stuff. One really cool section they have is the “interactive candy”. This may be the only time it’s okay to play with your food! How fun is that? You can grab bubble gum sidewalk chalk, paint and eat candy, 3D gummy blocks, paint-your-own cookie packs, magic potion kids, and more. Then, they also have the novelty candy collection with sweet treats like Neapolitan astronaut ice cream sandwiches, candy buttons, baby bottle pops, and others. Talk about a throwback! Plus, they have a great international section with treats from across the globe.

Anything from this shop is a great holiday gift for little ones or the young at heart!