Savor Middle Eastern Cuisine at Leila

Since Leila opened, visitors have raved time and time about the Michelin-grade ambiance—which is particularly impressive given the eatery’s location. It’s tucked away in the mall near Nordstrom. But you’d never know it from the lavish dining room and artfully presented Middle Eastern dishes.

Leila’s chef draws inspiration from a variety of different cuisines to create dishes that will tantalize your taste buds, starting with “spreads and breads.” Pick from dip options such as freshly whipped garlic hummus, fire-roasted baba ganoush, or dill-flecked tzatziki. Then select your bread. The options include traditional pita, butter naan, and even spinach and goat cheese kulcha—a type of flatbread that hails from Northern India. Add a few small plates to the mix, too, such as the potato samosas and the tandoori cauliflower. Then devour a larger dish for the main course, perhaps the koobideh kabob—a blend of tender chuck, brisket, and hanger steak—or the palak paneer, a meat-free Indian dish showcasing freshly crafted cottage cheese and spinach. For dessert, treat yourself to a square of flaky baklava or try the signature frozen milk popsicle.