Save Room for Baklava at Leila

Need a new spot for date night? Try Leila! This eclectic new restaurant features plates inspired by regions like Northern India, the Persian Gulf, and the Middle East, with a goal to “connect people through spices, senses and desire.” It is definitely more of a dining experience than just a dinner out! 

You have a couple of options here. You can grab some spreads and breads to start, and each order your own entree. Or, you can order a variety of small plates with maybe one large plate to share. Favorite small plates are the Pani Puri, a crispy wheat puff with passion fruit spiced water and pomegranate, as well as the Lebanese moussaka with pita, and the Baharat-spiced tandoori chicken wings with mint chutney and pickled onion. Each features unique and savory spice blends that are quite delicious! For large plates, try the Ghormeh Sabzi which is scallion and beef stew with red kidney beans, dried lime, and saffron, or the Chicken Fesen Joon which is a pomegranate and walnut stew with braised chicken breast. Save room to share the baklava for dessert! After one visit, this may just become your go-to spot.